Iridology Course FAQ

Iridology course materials required are fully included in tuition and there is no additional costs to student. Iriscope is not included.

Students must achieve a 75% grade average throughout all course levels. No credits will be awarded for grades under 75% and student must re-do examination. Any repeat exam will be unlike the original exam (exams questions are assorted via computer database).

Depending on the Professional background of the student, it is recommended that the Iridology student spend at least minimum 10 hours per week with their Iridology studies. Most students complete the course within three months to one year.

Time requirements for the Full Iridology Certification & Registration are maximum 1 year. Time requirements for the Iridology Masters Program is maximum two years. If a student does not fulfill their course level and examination requirements in the time allotted, they must submit letter of sabbatical intention or re-apply to continue their Iridology Iridology course.

Various mediums of communication are available between student and Iridology which include:

Email – Iridology students can communicate via email to Iridology

Web Servers – The Iridology website is available for internal messaging.

Skype Support.

Iridology is affiliated with several Iridology Educational Institutions throughout the world, who along with Iridology, are contemporaneously working toward the standardization of Iridology education world-wide.

Iridology Iridology courses are respected and recognized by several world-wide healing art institutions. Numerous graduate students from Iridology have successfully transferred Iridology course credits to other Educational Institutions offering degrees in the Healing Arts.

Accredited Iridology courses taught by Prof. Bryan K. Marcia, Ph.D. are available through DaVinci College of Holistic Medicine

Iridology is setting the standard for current Iridological education!

Students must successfully pass an examination for each course level with a grade level of 75% or above. There are currently 15 course levels with 15 examinations to be taken by student.

Each Examination must be accomplished on-line via the web, automatically graded and then reviewed by Prof. Bryan Marcia. Each level contains an examination section and practice exam section. The examination results are then received by both student and Iridology immediately via email.

After successful examination, the student then continues to the next course level. All course level exams must be successfully completed before certification is awarded.

Academic Honors Students who show high academic standards will receive the distinguished “With Honors” Iridology Certification and Registration from Iridology

Academic Status: The students’ academic status can be requested by the student by contacting Iridology and making the request for personal academic transcripts. Transcripts can be used for course credits at DaVinci College of Holistic Medicine.

Certification and Registration Students who successfully complete the Advanced Iridology Course will awarded the Registered IRIDOLOGY INTERNATIONAL Iridologist Diploma – R.Irid. signed by Dr. Bryan K. Marcia, Ph.D.

Students who successfully complete the Masters Iridology Course will awarded the Registered IRIDOLOGY INTERNATIONAL Master of Science Diploma – M.Sc.Irid. signed by Dr. Bryan K. Marcia, Ph.D.

Iridology International was developed by Professor Bryan Marcia on January 1, 2010, replacing Canadian Neuro-Optic Research Institute.

Bryan achieved his Doctor of Philosophy in Iridology from University of Health Sciences – Honolulu, Hawaii December 15th, 1994. He had taken his classes through UHS Faculty Director Dr. Bernard Jensen with Dr. Donald Bodeen as his Core Faculty Advisor.

Bryan lectured as an Associate Professor in the Department of Natural Medicine at Capital University of Integrative Medicine in Washington, DC, USA from 2000-2006 and was awarded Associate Professor Emeritus in June, 2006.
Currently, Bryan is a dedicated scientist involved with continued research and development in the Iridological sciences and teaches the science of Iridodiagnostics to health professionals throughout the world.
For more information regarding accredited Iridology courses and other accredited courses in integrative medicine, please contact Da Vinci College of Holistic Medicine from the following link: Davinci College of Holistic Medicine.

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