Who is Iridology International?
August 25, 2018
What mediums of communication between Iridology International faculty and students exist?
August 25, 2018

Students in the “Registered Iridologist” and “Iridodiagnostician” are required to successfully pass an examination for each course module with a grade level of 75% or above. There are currently 15 modules with examinations to be taken by student including final exam of 50 questions.

Each Examination must be accomplished on-line via the internet and then reviewed by Iridology International. Each module includes an examination section and practice exam section. The examination results are then received by both student and Iridology International via email. All course level exams must be successfully completed before diploma, certification, registration is awarded.

Academic Honors Students who show high academic standards will receive the distinguished “With Honors” Iridology Certification and Registration from Iridology International.

The students’ academic status can be requested by the student by contacting Iridology International.com and making the request for personal academic transcripts. Transcripts can be used for course credits at DaVinci College of Holistic Medicine.