Masters Degree in Iridology

Earn your Masters of Science Degree in Iridology under the guidance of Professor Bryan K. Marcia, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus in Natural Medicine.

The Iridology International Masters Degree Iridology program includes all tools required for clinical research. There are no extra fees or equipment required beyond the tuition. All books, charts, software. iriscope and research materials are inclusive in the Masters Program.


The prospective student must hold a recognized diploma in a natural health field or any post degree prospective students who have already attained, M.D., N.D., PhD, OMD , D.Ac., TCMD , D.Hom., DAOM., DOM ., DTCM, MSOM and M.H. 


Prospective students who have already completed prior academic studies in Iridology. It may be permissible to transfer credit hours into a degree program.


The Masters Degree programs at Iridology International are designed for maximum freedom of study and flexibility. When a student enrolls in to the Iridology Masters Program, course materials are instantly available via web portal with the availability to access reference materials for off-line study.

Study materials such as textbooks, manuals and case studies are included in the Iridology Masters Degree Program and are immediately available to the student using the on-line library portal.


Student's will receive assessment tools which include digital iriscope to capture the human eye with scientific software to research various iridological signs. The student also recieves specialized iridodiagnostic software to create clinical iridology assessment reports.




It is important to note that analyzing the eyes using compact laptops is not recommended. Certain resolutions tend to distort images due to compression leading to false positive pupil deformations. Iris analysis and research is best accomplished by using large LCD monitors.
If a student requires a laptop system due to travel and the laptop does not meet the minimum requirements to operate iridodiagnostic software correctly, the student can take advantage of purchasing  an off-lease laptop with 4:3 LCD screen from our supplier at a discount rate. Using 4:3 LCD screens are highly recommended for Iridology research and assessments. Update* Windows 8.1 now offers 4:3 ratio settings.

Macintosh PC's do not fully support iridodiagnostic software unless Virtual Machine Software is installed. Virtual machine software such as Apple's MAC boot camp (free) or other alternative methods, (not free) would be to install windows VM using Parallels Desktop 7 for Macintosh or Fusion 5 software.


Master of Iridology Degree—24 months (2 years)


Students agree and understand that all course work is delivered via correspondence.  The Iridology International Degree program does not guarantee a graduate the right to practice in the field of natural health, health counseling and/or consultation, or to practice any form of medicine without state approval.

The Iridology International Degree program in Iridology expressly reserves the right to change without notice all information contained herein; including, but not limited to, the following: fees and tuition, policy and procedures, degrees offered, required coursework and course offerings, and/or degree/academic requirements.








Master Degree in Iridology

90 credits at 35 USD/credit

2,850 USD

12 equal payments of 237.50 USD

4 equal payments every 3 months of 712.50 USD

* Full cash payment gets 5% discount at 2,707.50 USD.


Credit Titles

Required 90 credits for Masters degree in Iridology:

Credit Titles

Credit Hours

Minimum 500 word review on any Iridology textbook or Media  

2 each/limit 10

Minimum 100 word review on any Iridology/pupil clinical study     

2 each/limit 10

Clinical iridology analysis case study assessment

1 each/limit 50

Approved submission to Integrative Medicine Iridology Compendium 

1 each/limit 20

Submission of minimum three page iridology tutorial

5 each/limit 20

Previous iridology course certification

5 each/limit 10

Proof of community lecture in Iridology 

5 each/limit 10

Minimum 25,000 word Master Thesis

50 credit hours



Iridology Degree practitioner shall be able to treat clients and patients appropriately.  A holder of the Doctor of Iridology Degree will be prepared to enter a private practice, become a lecturer, natural health college/university professor or natural health consultant.

Iridology can be integrated with virtually all existing healing arts. Opportunities exist in the development of new software, books, compendiums for the integration of iridology and homeopathy, botanical medicine, ayurvedic, chinese traditional medicine, chiropractic, nutrition, physical medicine, aromatherapy, acupuncture, etc.


Description: chart.jpg

For graduate students interested in more advanced 'technological' approaches to iridodiagnostics, we offer the opportunity to work with our programmers in developing their own exclusive software. Opportunities exist for the translation of current iridodiagnostic software.

Iridology Degree Program Resource Tools

The Iridology International Iridology Degree Program offers several research tools that can be used for assisting student academic development. Such tools include:

Iridology Book Library

Browse or search through twelve clinical iridology books including rare translated clinical studies from Russia.


Advanced Directory Search

The advanced search option is for specific website directory searches:


Student Download Section

Iridology Software: Students have the opportunity to download and install a fully registered version of Iridology Analysis Professional software based upon the clinical works of E.C. Velchover’s Russian Iridodiagnostics. This iridology software also includes eight different topographic iridology charts including Jensen, Vida-Deck, Gunter, Roberts, Bourdiol, Angerer, Velchover and Jausas.


Iridology Software Development Programs: For graduate students interested in more advanced 'technological' approaches to iridodiagnostics, a software development tool is available for editing or translating iridology software key data.

Iridology Integrative Medicine Compendium Installer: The Iridology- Integrative Medicine compendium represents a compilation of iridological signs and several healing art modalities including therapeutics. This compendium version includes Herbal and Nutrition sections and is currently being improved toward the integration of specific iridological signs into various healing arts.


Iridology Charts: Students can download printable iridological charts including Integrative Iridology Chart, Pupil Deformation Chart, Pupil Decentration Chart, Constitutions Chart (Iris Signs) and Constitutions Chart (Diathesis).

Iris3D Research Program: The Iris3D program was designed to assist students in reviewing the human eye using 3D landscape view. The Iris3D program is available for download or can be accessed directly from the Iridology-Research server as flash based web-browser program.

Unlimited Access to Iridology International Degree students receive unlimited access to the server for the duration of their studies. The Iridology Research Server offers collaboration with other world-wide iridologists. Access also includes video and audio lecture libraries, member case study galleries, iris signs galleries, iridology abstracts and forums.


Price: $2,350.00
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