The mission of Iridology International is to build and support the international health and medical communities by offering educational opportunities in iridology courses, training and iridodiagnostic research sciences.

Iridology International pursues the mission by sustaining excellence in iridology education, research and development by fostering public awareness of health and disseminates scientific information by way of scholarships, publications, education course development and fellowships with other Iridological Institutions located throughout the world.

Iridology International is primarily devoted to education, research and development in the Iridological sciences with a focus on helping individuals interested in good health and clinicians involved in the Integrative Healing Arts. This unique path to health begins with the appreciation of informational value and leads to the commitment to learn more.

Current clinical evidence in iridology research should now enable a higher acceptance from professional health clinicians who will then in-turn utilize this highly benificial science into their practice for comparative analysis or as adjunctive diagnosis.

The health clinician primarily uses iridological information to compare with other useful diagnostic modalities in the Integrative Medicine environment. The basic premise of current Iridological knowledge and evidence will guide students, clinicians and their clients toward an ever improving standard level of health care.